Hard Money Lenders Wisconsin

A hard money lender you can rely on

Looking for a reliable hard money lender in Wisconsin? Global Capital Partners Fund Ltd. is one name you can count on! Regardless of a client’s financial requirements, we have the knowledge and resources for providing our clients hard money financing at the most competitive rates.

We have years of practical experience in closing successful real estate transactions. From land to development or expansion of commercial properties, we assist clients obtain loans for different purposes.

We understand that real estate borrowers have different needs, interests and objectives. Therefore, we work personally with our clients to identify their requirements and choose a hard money loan that best suits their real estate projects.

Global Capital Partners Fund Ltd. provides hard money loans to new and established independent real estate builders, developers and investors in Wisconsin.

We minimize the stress of real estate project financing by offering flexible terms and competitive rates to clients. Our financial team fully understands Wisconsin’s real estate market. They are aware of the latest conditions and keep an eye on the future trends in order to protect every client’s financial stability.

In order to apply for hard money loan, we require clients to fill out an online loan application. Fortunately, our online loan application is quite simple and does not take longer than 15 minutes. We have kept the paperwork as minimal as possible.

After receiving a client’s hard money loan application, our team will respond quickly to discuss their real estate project. They will listen to the client’s requirements and goals. Thereafter, we will develop a proposal within a few days. Once the proposal is accepted, the client can obtain funding in 10 days or less.

Interested in getting a hard money loan? Get in touch now to discuss your project and funding requirements.


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