Hard Money Lenders Ohio

Fast, easy, convenient financing for real estate projects

Global Capital Partners Fund Ltd. is one of the most reliable private lenders in Ohio offering hard money loans to its clients. With a firm commitment to providing exceptional financing solutions to our clients, we take the stress and hassle out of hard money lending process.

Global Capital Partners Fund Ltd. has been offering hard money loans to hundreds of clients in Ohio, including new and experienced real estate investors, property developers, and more.

Whether you need funding for construction, acquisition, expansion or renovation, you can count on us for comprehensive financing for your real estate project. Our trained, experienced financial team works immensely hard to ensure that our clients receive hard money financing at great rates.

As a premier commercial lending company, we deliver quick approvals on hard money loans. We are not concerned about a borrower’s credit score and income statement. To qualify for hard money financing, you simply need to submit collateral.

The loan application process is simple and streamlined as we want to save your time. In most cases, clients have obtained funds in less than 10 days! Most importantly, we will help you every step of the way.

Global Capital Partners Fund Ltd. is known for its fast turnaround, consistent performance and reliable service. Unlike other commercial lending companies, we strive to build strong, lasting client relations.

Protecting clients’ privacy and confidentiality is our job. Rest assured, we have taken effective measures to safeguard every client’s financial and personal information.

Contact us today to get a hard money solution that suits your real estate property’s needs – no fuss, no hassle, no uncertainly!

If you need further information on obtaining hard money loans, our professional, friendly staff is ready to take all your queries.


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