Hard Money Lenders Michigan

Your go-to hard money lender in Michigan

Need funding for your next real estate project in Michigan? Hard money financing is best option.

Whether you are looking for funding for property development or expansion, hard money loans can help fulfill your financial needs.

Global Capital Partners Fund Ltd. is a renowned commercial lender offering hard money financing on a variety of properties, including commercial, retail shopping centers, multi-family commercial, offices, hotels, warehouses, and more.

Our hard money programs are designed for real estate investors and developers who need immediate access to funds. Due to the strict regulatory environment and eligibility requirements of banks and traditional lending institutions, loan approvals can take months. However, as a private lender, we have the resources to provide funding to real estate developers and investors in a few days.

It’s very easy to apply for hard money loans at Global Capital Partners Fund Ltd. Our trained, competent, courteous financial team helps every client fill out their application forms. That being said, applying for a hard money loan at Global Capital Partners Fund Ltd. require minimal documentation. Instead of verifying a borrower’s income or credit history, we are concerned about the collateral.

We provide hard money loans at competitive rates. After receiving funding, we assist borrowers successfully close their loans.
No matter how difficult your real estate funding requirements may be, our vast knowledge and expertise in hard money enables us to give borrowers the best solutions.
Our team is always available to serve clients. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, we are available over the phone and online.

Our clients are extremely important to us. We go the extra mile to make sure that every client’s goals are met. Your time is precious to us. You can expect prompt service from our team. For further information on hard money loans, contact us anytime.


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