Hard Money Lenders Illinois

Specialized hard money lending in Illinois

With years of experience in commercial lending, Global Capital Partners Fund Ltd. provides an extensive selection of hard money loans in Illinois.

Hard money is an effective financing solution for real estate development and investment. These loans are easier to access than conventional bank loans. Hard money loans have fewer eligibility requirements and shorter loan terms as compared to bank loans. Above all, applicants with a poor credit record can receive a hard money loan because it requires collateral only.

Applicants can use hard money loans for financing any real estate property, including land, commercial property, residential facilities, and more.

As a leading hard money lender with a proven track record of success, Global Capital Partners Fund Ltd. has funded over $2 billion in transactions.

Our goal is to make hard money lending easier and convenient for clients. We have a team of licensed, certified, trained loan officers who understand every detail of hard money loans.

Our hard money loan programs are designed keeping in view the requirements of modern real estate investors and developers. Our team carefully listens to every real estate investor/ developer’s unique financial needs and goals in order to recommend the right hard money loan program.

Whether you’re developing or expanding a real estate project, we can help you succeed. Filling out a hard money loan application takes less than 15 minutes! There are no income and credit score requirements. Borrowers can repay the loan without having to worry about pre-payment penalties.

We work extensively with investors and developers to make sure they have a seamless experience. From start to end, we will be there every step of the way to assist clients.
No matter how challenging your real estate funding needs may be, Global Capital Partners Fund Ltd. has a solution you can count on!


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