Private Lending


A private loan, also known as a “hard money loan,” is a non-bankable short-term financing solution secured by commercial real estate. The underwriting decisions on private lending are based on the hard assets of the borrower. Private lending offers significant advantages over financing with a bank, including speed and flexibility. Hard money loans are typically used when timing is a critical issue.

We provide private commercial lending to businesses worldwide for the following purposes:

GCP has helped borrowers in the following circumstances with private lending:

  • Poor credit
  • Divorce
  • Partner Death
  • Tax liens, judgments
  • Unpaid bills
  • Partner buyout
  • Avoidance of foreclosure

Due to the regulatory environment of the financial industry, banks and lending institutions function under strict guidelines that often cause excessive delays. As a private lender, we can make decisions based on our own analysis and judgment. Since we make the final call, we are often able provide funding in a very short time.

Our private lending options also require substantially less documentation, relying not on a borrower’s income or credit but instead on the hard real estate asset. Once a private loan is closed and the time constraints have been removed, we can often assist borrowers in acquiring replacement financing with better terms.

Our money loan programs are designed keeping in view the needs of a modern New York real estate investor/developers. It’s easy to apply for financing; the approval process is fast to ensure your peace of mind.

We work extensively with investors interested in putting money on short sales, real estate auctions, trustee sales, construction projects and even private party constructions. No matter how extensive your real estate funding needs may be, we are sure our solutions can fulfill all your requirements.

As one of the leading real estate lenders in New York, we offer you a proven track record of high quality real estate investments.

Speak to a private lender at GCP today to review all of your hard money options.

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