Mezzanine Financing


Mezzanine financing fills the gap between an owner’s equity and traditional bank financing, when the maximum loan amount could be capped by requirements of collateral. A mezzanine loan is often employed in buyouts, growth financing and other types of private equity transactions:

  • Encourage extensions with debt paydowns to existing lenders
  • Discounted debt note acquisitions
  • Partner buyouts and owner recapitalizations
  • Capital Expenditure & tenant improvements

Mezzanine financing, also known as mezzanine debt, delivers a substantial contribution to a business’ long-term value creation and therefore results in stable returns during the investment.

By combining the features of debt and equity instruments, mezzanine debt provides borrowers financial flexibility. This type of loan allows a borrower to obtain financing based on its cash flow rather than on traditional requirements of collateral. If the loan is not paid back in time and in full, the financing will convert to an ownership or equity interest in the business.

Our mezzanine property financing solutions are available for companies that can demonstrate a proven track record, and have a great reputation for their products and services.

Our specialists are here to help you determine if mezzanine financing is suitable for your needs and how your company can best benefit from our range of capital solutions.

As leading finance providers, we can help you with additional funding when you require quick and seamless solutions.

GCP has a complete understanding of all aspects of this type of loan and we will accelerate the process of obtaining mezzanine financing. Contact one of our senior partners today for more information.

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