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Construction Financing


Global Capital Partners offers financing for the construction of office, retail, industrial or multi-family properties. A commercial construction loan allows a borrower to pay the builder as needed for until construction is completed.

We provide flexible terms for a large number of commercial construction projects, including the following property types:

There are several kinds of construction financing available through GCP:

Land Development Loan

Land financing is available for several types of properties including stalled sub-divisions and bank owned properties.

Interim Construction Loan

This is a construction loan and term loan closed simultaneously. This financing pays for the labor and materials used during construction. This loan converts to permanent financing once construction is completed.

Takeout Loan

This loan can provide permanent financing on a project in which a temporary loan already exists.

Acquisition and Development Loan

A&D financing is used when raw land is ready for development or needs improvements.

Mini Perm Loan

This temporary financing is utilized to settle an outstanding construction or property loan on a project that will produce income upon completion.

We provide acquisition and land development loans for developers across New York. As leading finance providers, we at GCP Fund have already garnered a reputation for providing secure and expedited financing solutions for a range of land development needs.

Our commercial financing solutions for interim construction can help developers source the funds they need for a host of property types. From retail properties to urban condos, we can arrange funds for construction financing, ensuring that your investment in real estate goes on as planned.

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Whether working with investors, developers or builders, the GCP team is ready to provide the funding necessary to accelerate your construction project. Contact a senior broker today to learn more about our construction and development loans.

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