Different Types of Construction Loans Explained
Commercial construction is a seriously risky business. It basically involves putting thousands of dollars on a project that may or may not bear fruit in the future.
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Reasons why You Might Consider Bridge Financing as a Start-Up
Working towards the next round of funding, either equity or debt, is really difficult for start-ups. Bridge funding is a great short term solution for young entrepreneurs to ensure that their start-up remains afloat.
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Commercial Construction Loans – How They Work
Applying for a commercial construction loan from bank entails a lengthy process and excessive documentation. The loan cannot be sanctioned without the help of an attorney on both sides.This is the reason why developers find it easier to opt for commercial lenders than banks.
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Some Ways to Finance Commercial Real-Estate Property
Investing in commercial real-estate, such as shopping malls, retail centers, apartments, and office complexes, is far more advantageous than investing residential real-estate. It brings you a steady stream of cash flow other than the capital gains. It’s a low-risk investment with quick appreciation in value. However, when it comes to financing, it is important to...
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Debt Financing Options for Small Businesses
Debt financing options allow small business owners and entrepreneurs to obtain easy funds for their companies, without relinquishing their ownership and control.
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A Balanced Overview of Mezzanine Financing
Mezzanine financing consists of loans which are beneath a company’s senior debt, but are above the level of its equity. It is, therefore a mid-level debt financing layer in the capital structure of an organization.
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Things to Know Before Flipping a House
The real estate market in the United States is on the path to recovery; commercial and residential property prices are steadily rising.
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In What Ways Does A Hard Money Loan Differ From A Soft Money Loan?
Many investors are not aware of the differences between hard money and soft money loans.
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