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Commercial Lending

  • Commercial Real Estate Financing

    Global Capital Partners assists businesses in financing all phases of real estate development, from acquisition of land through construction.

  • Construction Financing

    Global Capital Partners offers financing for the construction of office, retail, industrial or multi-family properties.

  • Private

    Private lending offers significant advantages over financing with a bank, including speed and flexibility.

  • Asset-Based Lending

    Asset-based lending is the perfect financing solution for a growing business looking to obtain working capital.

  • Bridge

    A bridge loan is short-term financing, which is used to facilitate the financing of a property for a short period of time.

  • Mezzanine Financing

    A mezzanine loan is often employed in buyouts, growth financing and other types of private equity transactions:

  • Permanent Financing

    A long-term option, permanent financing is used for construction or the acquisition of assets such as land, buildings or heavy machinery.

  • Structured Joint Venture Financing

    Structured joint venture financing maximizes cash flow potential for the borrower by including the lender as an additional investor in the project.

Acquisition Financing

  • Development Sites

    This loan is typically used to pay for the acquisition as well as closing costs of a development site, and paid back by construction financing or converted to permanent financing.

  • Hospitality

    Global Capital Partners offers hospitality acquisition and development funding that can be used to purchase existing properties or remodel an entire facility.

  • Multi-Family Commercial

    The senior brokers at Global Capital Partners can facilitate financing for the acquisition, purchase, refinance, development and rehabilitation of multi-family properties.

  • Land Development

    Global Capital Partners can arrange financing with competitive rates and terms that will help you meet your financial objectives.

  • Warehouse

    Global Capital Partners provides commercial property financing for single tenant and multi-tenant industrial properties and warehouses in many different market sectors.

  • Loan Application

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Something About Us

Global Capital Partners is a Global commercial lender, offering many financing options, including: bridge financing, private lending, commercial real estate financing, structured joint venture financing, permanent financing, mezzanine financing, construction loans and acquisition financing.

We have funded over $2 billion in transactions. From land to development to equipment, our expertise in commercial financing allows us to quickly close on loans from $1MM to over $100MM.

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Nationally we are trusted by clients

Global Capital Partners understands that time is always crucial on a commercial loan application. Our large, experienced in-house underwriting staff evaluates loan projects efficiently and quickly.

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Global Capital Partners offers the following commercial financing for real estate, acquisition, construction, land, development, asset purchase, expansion loans and more:

  • Commercial Real Estate Financing
  • Construction Financing
  • Private Lending
  • Asset-Based Lending
  • Bridge Financing
  • Mezzanine Financing
  • Permanent Financing
  • Structured Joint Venture Financing
  • Development Sites
  • Hospitality
  • Multi-Family Commercial
  • Land Development
  • Warehouse

As New York’s leading commercial lenders, we can help! You can rely on us as your private lenders, for providing the most active and effective real estate financing solutions in the country.

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Clients’ Testimonials

  • I have worked as a professional all my life, have had a pretty stable credit score, not too much or too little but have never been a business owner or had tones of money in the bank. I recently sought a bank loan as I required capital to invest in my new start up. The banks without naming ranged from simply disappointing to bordering on rude and none complied with my request for a loan based on a lack of assurity. I contacted the folks at GCP who were polite, professional and easy to work with. They went through my business plan with me and granted me a hard cash loan. I have long paid back the loan and my business is going swell! Much appreciated GCP!

    Harold R
  • I had the most wonderful experience dealing with GCP fund a few months ago. I was short on some capital for a new business venture I wished to invest in. The banks I visited were pretty snooty and cold in their approach and had too many needless additional costs and conditions with their loans. I decided to check in with GCP for a hard money loan. These guys attentively went through my investment plan, gave me their professional input and proceeded to grant me the cash I needed. If only bankers were so helpful! Today all loans are clear and my investment is still paying off! Highly recommend their services!

    Jennifer S

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